I UK [spɒt] / US [spɑt] noun [countable]
Word forms "spot":
singular spot plural spots
1) the particular place where someone or something is

We found him sitting in a sunny spot in the garden.

mark the spot:

Flowers mark the spot where the accident happened.

the very/exact spot:

The king himself had stood on this very spot.

a) a particular place on your body
a sore/tender spot:

There is a sore spot on my head where I bumped it.

b) a particular town, city, or area

one of the region's best-known tourist spots

c) informal a particular place where people go for entertainment

a spot that is popular with clubbers

2) a small round area of colour that is different from the colour of the surface around it and that often forms part of a pattern

a pattern of spots and stripes

spot of:

spots of yellow

with spots:

The flower is yellow with red spots.

a) British a very small red lump on someone's face
b) a small red mark that you get on your skin if you have a disease such as measles or chickenpox
c) a small dirty mark that should not be there

a spot of paint on the step

a) informal a position in an order, for example in a competition

The team has no chance of a spot in the top five.

The book occupied the number-one bestseller spot for four months.

b) a position within a series of events, for example in a television or radio programme

She was given a five-minute spot on a local radio show.

4) British informal an occasion when you do something or experience something
spot of:

There was still time for a spot of shopping and sightseeing.

I'd invited her round for a spot of lunch.

a spot of bother/trouble:

We'd had a spot of trouble with the police.

5) informal a difficult situation
put someone in a spot:

The bad weather had put us in a bit of a spot.

6) informal a spotlight I, 1)
7) a small amount of something, usually a liquid
spot of:

I felt a few spots of rain on my face.

rooted/glued/frozen to the spot — unable to move, usually because you are afraid

Martin wanted to run, but he was rooted to the spot.

blind spot, bright, hot spot, knock off 9), soft, sore I

II UK [spɒt] / US [spɑt] verb [transitive]
Word forms "spot":
present tense I/you/we/they spot he/she/it spots present participle spotting past tense spotted past participle spotted
a) to notice someone or something

Hugh was spotted by local police and had to leave quickly.

spot someone doing something:

The boys had been spotted buying alcohol.

b) to notice that someone has a talent that can be developed

She was spotted singing in bars when she was 18.

spot someone's potential:

An effective teacher can spot a child's potential.

2) to watch someone doing a sports activity such as weight training or gymnastics in order to help them, and to make sure that they do not get injured
3) American in sports, to give an advantage to someone who you are playing against, usually because they are not as good as you

English dictionary. 2014.

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